Business Model

Penflex corrugated hose products are available worldwide through selected distributors.

Corrugated Hose Products

As it has done for more than 100 years, Penflex remains loyal to distributors and is solely focused on manufacturing. Penflex is the only manufacturer that has demonstrated its commitment to the traditional manufacturer-distributor relationship. The Company believes end-users are best served through this model, and takes a partnership approach to its customer relationships, recognizing that long-term growth and success is a team effort.

Interlocked Hose Products

Penflex produces and manufactures a wide range of interlocked hoses for a large variety of industries that are unrelated to the fluid and gas markets covered by our fabricating distributors. For example, interlocked hose is produced for casings for undersea cables and umbilicals, for protective hoses for fiberoptics, machine tools, temperature sensing equipment, truck and automotive exhaust, as well as numerous other industries.

Braid Products

Penflex produces braid products made of special types of wire and thread material such as Kynar, Polypropylene, PVDC, Kevlar, Inconel 600 & 625 and others. Braid is a widely used product for industries such as cabling, wire harnesses and electrical applications.