Penflex Purge Tools

Purging is a proven process that enhances weld quality by decreasing—or even preventing—oxidation which in turn increases corrosion resistance. Given resistance to corrosion is one of the primary reasons users opt for stainless steel, maintaining this characteristic throughout the manufacturing process is essential.

Additionally, as welders can better control the melt when purging, there will be a smaller heat affected zone (HAZ) around the weld. The HAZ is a target for chemical attack, so minimizing this area will also help to ensure longer hose life.

For more engineering insights into argon purging, read the bulletin. 

Penflex manufactures a line of purge tools for hose sizes ¼” to 12” to assist fabricating customers with back purging welds. The tools are designed and engineered to fit Penflex’s most common hose sizes based on their respective tolerances.

Penflex Purge Tools

Cutting techniques can affect the clearance of the tool and all efforts to make sure the Inside Diameter is not restricted by the hose end flange will enable the tool to fit as designed. The stopper can sometimes be loose, but it will not affect the performance.

Penflex Purge Tools


Size Part Number Use For
1/4″ PURGE004 P3/P4
1/4″ PURGE005 700/800/900
5/16″ PURGE005-P3 P3
5/16″ PURGE005 P4
3/8″ PURGE006 P3/P4/700/800/900
1/2″ PURGE008-P3 P3
1/2″ PURGE008 P4/700/800/900
3/4″ PURGE012 P3/P4/700/800/900
1″ PURGE016 P3/P4/700/800/900
1-1/4” PURGE020 P3/P4/700/800/900
1-1/2” PURGE024 P4/700/800/900
1-1/2” PURGE024-P3 P3
2” PURGE032 P3/P4/700/800/900
2-1/2” PURGE040 P4/700/800
3” PURGE048 P4/700/800
4” PURGE064 P4/700/800
5″ PURGE080 700
6″ PURGE096 700/800
8″ PURGE128 700/800
10″ PURGE160 700
12″ PURGE192 700

To access the Argon Purge Tool Instruction & Data Sheet, click here.

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