Interlocked Hose

Penflex interlocked hose is made for a variety of specialized industrial applications and available in a wide range of metals, styles and sizes. Differing from corrugated hoses in its construction, interlocked hose is manufactured by helically winding preformed metal strip over a sizing mandrel and folding together the adjacent edges to form interlocked convolutions.

Interlocked hose in Penflex warehouse

Exhaust Hose

Penflex interlocked exhaust hoses are typically produced in a wide range of ID sizes, metals and weights. This range is available to provide the right hose for the application at the most economical cost. Interlocked exhaust hose utilizes a fully interlocked construction for strength and durability while allowing the hose to have excellent flexing characteristics. The normal configuration of exhaust hose is unpacked and fully extended. In order to minimize leakage, however, exhaust hose can be supplied packed upon request.

Typical uses of exhaust hose include engine exhaust and vacuum and collection service, conveying, ventilating lines and protective casing for cable and tubing. They are commonly used as accessories for corrugated hose assemblies as well. Interlocked liners reduce flow velocity while interlocked armor prevents overbending near the end fittings.

Penflex exhaust hoses are produced in 304 stainless steel as standard. Other alloys may be available upon special request. The strip thickness, and thus the hose weight, can be selected to match the application depending upon the degree of rough handling and the abrasive conditions of the service. Penflex makes three different weights of exhaust hose as indicated in the following tables.

Series Weight Designation Strip Thickness
IE30 Light .010″ to .012″
IE40 Mid-Weight .015″
IE50 Standard .018″ to. 020

The size range of exhaust hose is from 1/2″ to 8″ inside diameter. For sizes larger than 8″ID, use the standard conveyor hose (up to 20″ID).

Conveyor Hose

Penflex manufactures two distinct types of interlocked conveyer hoses designed especially for transfer of dry bulk materials: Standard Conveyor Hose and Smooth Bore Conveyor Hose.

Standard Conveyor Hose is a serviceable, unlined, medium weight hose featuring a fully packed interlocked construction.

Smooth Bore Conveyor Hose features rugged interlocking construction plus an integral metal strip lining. This lining provides Smooth Bore conveyor hose with a smooth bore that minimizes impaction and reduces turbulence for free flowing transmission of materials. Smooth Bore conveyor hose can also be produced with the inclusion of packing in the interlocks to reduce air loss and for low pressure requirements.

Penflex conveyor hoses are excellent for applications involving the pneumatic transmission of flake or pelletized plastics, grain, coal dust, slag and other dry granular or abrasive materials. It can be used for the loading or unloading of ships, barges, containers, silos, elevators, highway and rail cars. Standard conveyor hose can also be used for air intake for diesel superchargers, exhausting gases from ovens and furnaces, and boiler draft system expansion joints.

M-100 Pressure Hose

Penflex M-100 pressure hose is a high quality, heavy duty, fully interlocked metal hose designed to withstand the abuses of many industrial applications. The inclusion of a quality packing into a specially formed groove during manufacturing serves as a continuous gasket to make the hose pressure tight. Media such as air and non-searching fluids can be conveyed by M-100 hose at moderate pressures and temperatures.

M-100 pressure hose is an ideally suited hose for metal expansion joints, boiler relief valve sealing, pulverized coal cyclone feeders, boiler draft systems and BOF lance hose assemblies. Additionally, M-100 pressure hose can be used in applications involving diesel exhaust, tank car unloading, barge unloading, fuel oil transfer, oven exhaust, suction lines and air intake lines.

For detailed information on Penflex interlocked hose, download the Interlocked Hose Product catalog.

Safety Relief Valve Vent Connectors

Vent connectors play a critical role in helping piping systems absorb the movements and vibrations associated with the quick opening and closing of safety relief valves. Penflex manufactures vent connectors using both metal bellows and our unique fully-packed and pressure-tight M-100 interlocked hose.

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