About Penflex

About Us

Founded in 1902, Penflex is a leading manufacturer of corrugated metal hose and braid products. While flexible metal hose was first produced in Europe in the late 1880s, it was not until years later that it was manufactured in the United States – and Penflex was the very first manufacturer of flexible metal hose in America. Penflex Corporation has been a pioneer from the very beginning and continues today to be a global leader in the design and manufacture of flexible metal hose, braid products and expansion joints.

Penflex focuses on a continuous process of improving our manufacturing processes and is dedicated to providing customers with unparalleled value by offering high quality flexible metal hose and braid products, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, superior customer service and cutting-edge industry expertise. To learn more about how Penflex manufactures hose, please see Engineering Bulletin #131 with information about our mechanical forming processes.

Beyond our product line, the company runs a Welder Training Certification Program to better support customers in the application and use of Penflex products.

Known for their durability and superior resistance to corrosion, Penflex hoses are used in more than 15 vertical markets, by hundreds of companies worldwide. In addition to its Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania headquarters, Penflex has a warehouse in Houston. Penflex also operates a wholly owned subsidiary, Penflex Vietnam, which supports customers around the world, with focus on ASEAN, Middle East, Africa, and Europe.