Oxygen Lance Hoses

Clean and durable oxygen lance hoses play an important role in steelmaking. Delivering oxygen to a Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) allows temperatures to climb high enough to complete the conversion of molten pig iron into steel.

Penflex designs and manufacturers robust lance hoses with a heavy wall construction well suited to the constant handling—and frequent mishandling—these products see once in service. The development of a cleaning specification specifically for lance hoses demonstrates our commitment to this particular application.

Oxygen Lance Hose Design

Our unique range of manufacturing capabilities ensures product consistency across all components of the hose—from interlocked liners and casing to the corrugated hose and braid itself. With a full range of sizes from ¼” to 24”, as well as several alloys to consider, Penflex’s flexible lance hoses are designed for use in the rugged steelmaking environment.

Oxygen Lance Hose - Braided Hose with Interlocked Armor

Cleanliness Requirements

Cleanliness is essential in oxygen lance hoses. To ensure their performance, Penflex developed cleaning specification IN-PN-88. This process ensures removal of contaminants that could compromise the required cleanliness.

Lance Engineering

Combining lance hose technology with other complimentary components can ensure longer life in service. For example, Penflex engineers may suggest swivel joints to avoid torque or expansion joints for absorbing axial growth. Both improve upon current lance hose design.

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