Caster Cutoff Torches

Once molten metal is poured from ladle to tundish to mold and is then drawn into the casters that will set its shape, caster cutoff torches suspended from above move side to side to cut the now semi-solidified steel into desired lengths. These flame torches rely on flexible and heat-resistant hoses to deliver the necessary oxygen and fuel gas.

With ambient temperatures that can climb to 1000°F and beyond, metal is the only option in these applications. Even if stainless steel braids are laid over non-metallic cores, the heat will still melt the hose. If not replaced in time, the result is a pause in production that may surpass any initial cost savings.

Hose Design for Caster Cutoff Torches

The 300 Series austenitic stainless steels can handle the heat in mills and, given their ability to retain their physical properties without catching fire, are the ideal alloy for many steel mill applications. Penflex also offers a range of high-nickel alloys for extremely high temperature applications as well as superior resistance to corrosion.

The frequent cycling of these hoses also means flexibility is a key design requirement. Penflex’s P3 Series hose—available in both standard and compressed pitch for increased flexibility—is a
lightweight hose requiring little force to bend, making it a preferred option in many configurations and spaces.

Penflex Product Support

Penflex Sales Engineers are always available to help define the application requirements for your next project, replacement, or repair, whether or not that be for continuous caster cutoff torches. In addition to engineering and design support, we offer resources to support proper installation and maintenance for longer life in service.

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