Technical Tools

Pressure Calculator

To use the calculator, please view this page on a desktop computer or on "Desktop Mode" if using a mobile device.

To use Calculator start with the following two simple steps:

  • Choose a Hose Series to be Braided;
  • Select specific Hose within that series;

You’ll see calculations and the standard braid construction used for that particular product. If Working Pressure does not meet your requirements, you may “try” a different construction by changing a number of Carriers (we currently use Braiders with 24, 36, 48, 72 and 96 carriers), number of wires in a band, wire diameter, braiding angle (35° to 45°), number of braid layers or different wire tensile strength and click “Recalculate” button. Once satisfied with the results, print the page and contact us so we could discuss your “custom” braid construction.

Note: Pressure calculated here represents Maximum Theoretical Number; Pressures listed in our printed Catalog are based on the results of the in-house burst tests which have been reduced to account for welding as the method of attachment.