Technical Tools

Pressure Calculator

The braid on a flexible hose assembly is the pressure carrier. Without it, the hose would elongate back into a tube under pressure. Thus, braid construction often determines the THEORETICAL maximum burst pressure of a hose.

This calculator demonstrates how changing braiding construction variables can affect pressure ratings. Once a hose series and size is selected, you may change the number of carriers (24, 48, 72, and 96), number of wires per carrier, wire diameter, braid angle, wire tensile strength, or number of braid layers before hitting “Calculate” to see how pressure ratings will be affected.

Note on Penflex Catalog Pressure Ratings

The pressures listed in the Penflex catalog are based on the results of our in-house burst tests which have been reduced to account for welding as the method of attachment. Thus, the figures presented in the calculator below will differ from those listed in our catalog as they are theoretical.