Water Cooling Hoses for Steel Mills

As ubiquitous as steel is in our everyday lives, so too is water in the steelmaking process. Steelmakers use water to cool steel, and the cooling rate impacts physical properties of the finished product. As such, water cooling hoses are an important part of hot rolling, casting and quenching processes.

Mills rely on water to cool furnaces and other pieces of machinery as well. Beyond cooling, they also use it to descale, wash, and condition. In short, water is everywhere.

When it comes to moving water throughout a steel mill, there are two things to think about when selecting hoses: temperature and flexibility. 

Water Cooling Hose Design

Penflex water cooling hoses for steel mills are designed with high temperatures and the need for flexibility in mind.

The 300 Series austenitic stainless steels can handle the heat in steel mills. Given they retain their physical properties at high temperatures, and are fire resistant, they are the ideal choice for many water applications. Penflex P3 Series is a lightweight stainless steel hose. It requires little force to bend and remains a preferred option for many applications, including water cooling lines. P3 is available in compressed pitch as well for increased flexibility.

Penflex also offers a range of high-nickel alloys for extremely high temperature applications as well as superior resistance to corrosion.

Penflex Product Support

In addition to engineering and design support, Penflex offers customers resources to support proper installation and maintenance for longer life in service. 

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