Given the singular capabilities of metal hose to deliver in situations where temperature, pressure, corrosiveness, and motion are problematic for other materials, Penflex products are used in a wide array of applications across a diverse set of markets.

In the petroleum industry, our hoses are used as catalytic cracking unit connections, in oil and gas burners, and as water lines on gas engine cooling systems. In chemical plants, corrugated metal hose is used for connections to weigh scales, for loading and unloading tank trucks, for steam lines, and for conveying any highly corrosive media.

Applications in steel mills include cooling water hoses for furnaces, oxygen lance hoses, high temperature lubrication lines, and cooling power lines for electrical furnaces.

For use in the transport of frozen foods, manufacture of semiconductors, application of magnetic resonance imaging and beyond, companies rely on Penflex metal hose and braid to transport media—such as nitrogen, helium, hydrogen and oxygen—at very low, sometimes at cryogenic, temperatures.

In the power generation industry, facilities with steam and combustion turbine systems often use our heavy-duty hoses developed specifically for high temperatures. Applications include cooling aids to turbine blades on gas fired units, fuel atomizer lines for oil fired burners, and lines for conveying gas to gas fired burners.

Penflex products can also be found in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in both industrial and high-rise buildings. Some examples include pump connections to eliminate vibration on hot and chilled water pumps, for taking up lateral movement caused by expansion and contraction of piping and transitions imposed by seismic forces. They can also used as vibration isolators on refrigeration units and air conditioner compressors and cooling towers.

Penflex is an ISO certified company with unique manufacturing and production processes that create high quality products that are safe, durable, and economic to use.

Furthermore, customers appreciate the level of service they receive when working with us—a point of pride for everyone on the team here at Penflex.