High Temperature Lubrication Lines

Steelmaking requires lubricants and lubrication lines that can handle extreme ambient temperatures. Well-oiled machines not only keep production on schedule, but also resist damage through wear and are less susceptible to corrosion.

High Temperature Lubrication Lines

The 300 Series austenitic stainless steels can handle the heat in mills and, given their ability to retain physical properties without catching fire or melting at high temperatures, are the ideal alloy for many steel mill applications.

Beyond considerations around temperature, Penflex lubrication lines are designed with flexibility and high pressure ratings in mind. The P3 Series hose—available in both standard and compressed pitch for increased flexibility—is a lightweight hose requiring little force to bend, making it a preferred option in many configurations and spaces.

P3 Series pressure ratings make it a suitable option for lubrication lines, and hydraulic lines as well. Where needed, Penflex offers hoses with higher pressure ratings that can accommodate the pressure rating reductions that come with increased temperatures.

If slag splash is a concern or there is a need to protect handlers from burns, a fire sleeve wrap may be added to the hose assembly.

Penflex Product Support

Penflex Sales Engineers are always available to help define the application requirements for your next project, replacement, or repair. In addition to engineering and design support, we offer resources to support proper installation and maintenance for longer life in service.

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