700 Series

Penflex 700 Series corrugated hose is a high quality general purpose industrial hose. The corrugated hose is manufactured from a cylindrical tube formed from rolled strip and joined at the seam by butt welding. Impressed into this tube is a corrugated annular profile.

Penflex produces thin, medium and heavy wall 700 Series hose to meet different application criteria. Heavier wall thicknesses provide for easier welding and longer resistance to chemical corrosion, while thinner wall thicknesses require less force to bend.

700 Series is produced and stocked in many pressure classes and configurations in these alloys: 304, 321, 316L, Monel™ 400, Hastelloy™ C276, Inconel™ 625, and Bronze.  Other alloys available include Iconel™ 600, Incoloy™ 825, and AL6XN™.

Our manufacturing process produces long lengths, which are packaged in standard cartons or as braided hose-on-reels.

For technical specifications on 700 Series hoses, follow the links below.